Worthy Cause is more than just a cookie — it's a movement!

Based in Preston, Melbourne, we are a registered charity that believes in using the power of delicious sweet-treats to support the employment of vulnerable people who have otherwise been unable to find meaningful work.

Cookies with a conscience...

Our artisanal cookies are baked with love and 100% of proceeds go towards funding our structured employment program.
This offers individuals empowerment through a stable income, skills training and confidence-building, all within a supportive and inclusive environment.
There are plenty of reasons someone might find themselves facing barriers to employment. Mental illness, disability, disadvantage, marginalisation and social taboos, the list goes on.
What's important is that every person we support deserves the respect and opportunity to better their lives. Join the movement of supporting a good cause with every bite!

Our founder

Worthy Cause was founded in 2021 by Rick Cohen. After working through most of a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from ANU, Rick took to Europe to learn to cook in his family's restaurant and ancestral home, Casa Brusada in Italy's North-East. Since then Rick has completed a Degree in Business and Marketing while chefing at some of Melbourne's premiere restaurants. After gaining experience in and out of the kitchen, and working tirelessly on his own mental health, Rick was able to realise his long-term goal, a marriage of his great passions, to assist those who deserve it and cooking.

The importance of helping vulnerable people has come from his own experiences suffering from Sexual Assault, PTSD and Depression from an early age. Spending prolonged periods of time in psychiatric hospitals and mental health programs in Canberra and Melbourne has offered Rick insights and experiences into the lives and struggles of vulnerable people from all walks of life. Rick and Worthy Cause are determined to contribute to our community to help those in need of benevolent relief.


A list of people who have made this possible

To my loving mother Melinda for her unwavering support and dedication through the toughest years,

To my siblings Tash and Will for their perseverance and love in supporting my journey,

To my girlfriend, data analyst and personal complaints department Apphia for her tolerance, encouragement and love,

To my doctors Andrew, Maurice and Neale for their guidance, prescription pads, medical expertise and council,

To our board members for your contributions to Worthy Cause.

Thank you for helping me create a way to help our community 

- Rick <3