Thinking of Volunteering?

Our volunteers make a huge difference, and we simply couldn't do everything we do without their generous support.

If you're interested in volunteering, thank you! Let us know your details by filling out the contact info form below. We'll get back to you when it's time to help out!

With COVID restrictions, we are required to have a COVID Safe Plan in place.

  • Delivery Drivers

    If you're interested in driving deliveries to Worthy Cause HQ, drop-off points or to people's homes, you'll need to supply your own car and have a full Australian Driver's Licence. Applicants will be sent a consent form to sign before they can start zooming around Melbourne.

  • Kitchen Helpers

    Helping out in the kitchen will include cooking, cleaning, food prep and listening to Ricky's music. Preferably you have some sweet knife skills but if not, there's always something that you can do to assist.

Get in contact to find out how you can support our charity.